Elemen'tary No. 1 and 2 Gift Set

Elemen'tary Design


It sure is hard to find a good screwdriver these days. That's why we love these so much. They are made in Elemen'tary's small London workshop, and are copies of two originals made by a cabinet maker who was unable to find a set of modern tipped screwdrivers that met his requirements for quality, comfort and simplicity. 

This set includes the standard length Elemen'tary Design No 1 Screwdriver, the smaller ball-handled No 2 Screwdriver, and the sets of bits that come with each. 

The handles are made from beech and are finished by dipping in linseed oil. The natural wood surface is pleasant to hold and unlike varnished or rubberised handles, will not encourage blisters. The initial matt appearance will darken with age and become polished with use. The No.1 handles are fitted with solid brass ferrules. 

The screwdriver comes with six bits (philips 1/2, pozi-driv 1/2 and flat 5mm/6mm). The high quality bits are of a standard size which can be sustituted for other varieties and easily replaced when worn out.

Made in UK.

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