Japanese Dual Colour Selvedge Short Run - Work@

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A loose fitting five-pocket jean made with a beautiful, hardwearing, 13oz indigo denim, made with 100% cotton, by the iconic Kuroki Denim Mill.   

The Fabric. 

A rich indigo that has been rope dyed 8 times to give it a beautiful fade over time. 

This denim is the real business.

Woven by the Grandmasters at the Kuroki Denim mill on a shuttle loom from the 1950s. Slow and steady.

Like us, they stand for quality over quantity. 

A blank canvas ready to have their story written by the wearer as this 13oz raw denim gets broken in overtime, it's beauty goes to new levels.

The dual selvedge line highlights the classic look with the red selvedge line whilst throws a nod to the mavericks out there with the inclusion of the blue line. 

The Details.

Each pair will come with a limited edition Hiut Denim tote bag, and a limited edition leather label. 

We will be shipping them from April 6th. As they are cut to order, we will take payment when ordered. Previous short runs have sold out within 24 hours, so if you are tempted, our advice is not to delay. We will only make 40 of them.

If you can't see your size on the drop-down menu. Please order the closest size and contact customer service to amend it. 

Note: The model wears a Work@ fit.