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A slim fitting five-pocket jean made with a beautiful, hardwearing, 12oz navy duck canvas, made with 100% cotton, by the original Mount Vernon Mill.  Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Mount Vernon Mill has been making duck canvas since 1847. 

The Fabric. 

Duck canvas was historically used in the making of ship sails. So it needed to be strong. Think Hulk-like strength. Weatherproof and snag proof.

That incredible strength comes from its tight 1X1 plain weave. Oh boy it’s tough. But unlike the original fabric used for making sails, our duck canvas is super soft. And with each wash, it just gets softer.

The navy duck canvas is also made with a navy warp and weft, so the colour will hold well, and will fade gradually over time.

Our advice: We recommend sizing up.

 The Details.

Each pair will come with a limited edition Hiut Denim tote bag, and a limited edition leather label. 


Note: The model wears a SlimR fit.