Pre-Order Yearbook 5 - BTS of Yearbook 5 Photoshoot


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A Hardback copy of The Yearbook 5 signed by the whole Hiut Denim Team and a chance to spend the day behind the scenes of the Yearbook 5 photoshoot in West Wales with David, the team and photographer Andrew Paynter.

You will also have the chance to get your portrait taken by Andrew in your Hiut Jeans. 

We are only offering this opportunity to one customer, so best be quick if you don't want to miss out on a day to remember. 

Dedicated to one percent better.

‘The compounding effect of trying to get better by 1% a day is huge. 

Compounded it is 3,800% per year. That’s 40 times better than where you started in just one year. 

If you want to know what YearBook 5 is all about, it’s all about the 1% you can do each day to get better.

It will be an invocation to fall in love with the incremental.

It will demonstrate how changing a little, will change a lot.

I hope it becomes a handbook for slow growth companies.

Thank you for your support. Always.

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