Pre-Order Yearbook 6 Hardback


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We are launching the pre-order for our latest Yearbook: Yearbook 6. 

There will only be 300 copies of this hardback book available to pre-order. If you order one of these copies your name will appear in the book. That's a promise. 

Yearbook 6 is a chance to gather you, our community, and ask you for ideas, insights & different thinking.

We will do that through a series of experiments. 100 to be precise. 

The 100 Experiments Club.

If we are to get 400 people their jobs back, we will have to be an example of a better way.

 We will have to inspire the world:

1.     How to lower your impact.

2.     How to find better ways of working.

3.     How David beats Goliath in a busy world (when you spent your marketing budget on the coffee machine.)

But we are not going to be able to do it on our own.

So think of this as a virtual ideas agency.

No head office.

No boss.

No fancy job titles.

Just an army of ideas.

Some will fly.

Lots will not.

But all will provide learning to find a better way.