Red Dot - Khaki Chino Selvedge


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How does the Red Dot work?

Red Dot is open for 48 hours.

It's £95 to get the Red Dot (Full price is £250).

This is how you reserve your fabric.

2.5 meters of limited edition denim.

A jean made for you, and only you.


There will only be 500 of these jeans made.


What is the fabric?

The Ultimate Japanese Selvedge Chino.

A rare find, classic khaki colour.

Traditional 3x1, high density weave.

100% cotton.


White line selvedge.

30% difference in tone between the warp and weft.


What are the fits?

Mens : Work / Hack / SlimR / V Fit.

Womens : Myra / Peggy.

(Don't worry - you don't need to decide on your fit today.)


When do I pay the balance?

You'll get a follow up email on the 26th of May.

This will include :

A link to pay the balance (£155).

Choose your fit.

Choose your size.

Wait for the Grandmasters to work their magic.