Do One
Thing Well


This is our organic denim. It’s a beautiful unwashed 12oz denim from a great mill in Turkey. Hard wearing too. Just so you know we are in organic denim forever. But preferably longer.


Selvedge is an investment. Ours is from Kuroki, the artisanal Japanese denim mill. This denim is hand dipped ten times with natural indigo to give it its deep blue colour. Unwashed 14oz.

Our Story

Our town used to make 35,000 pairs of jeans every week for 40 years employing 400 people. Then in 2001 the factory closed. So we decided 4 decades worth of know-how shouldn’t go to waste. That’s why the Hiut Denim Company was born: To get the town making jeans again.

Year book

The Year Book is our way of telling the world what inspires us, what we stand for, and yes, what we make for a living. It is 144 pages of wonder, wisdom, and inspiration from an eclectic bunch of people scattered all around the world. Year Book is available to order here.