Organic Denim

This is our organic denim. It’s a beautiful unwashed 12oz denim from a great mill in Turkey. Hard wearing too. We are in organic denim forever. Preferably longer.


Work@ Organic



Hack@ Organic


Slim Tapered

SlimR Organic



SkinR Organic


Selvedge Denim

Selvedge is an investment. Ours is from Kuroki, the artisanal Japanese denim mill. Woven on a 1959 loom. 100% indigo dyed. Unwashed 14.5oz.

The Anderson

This is our new fit. A wider leg. A higher rise. It is perfect for those with a bigger thigh, or just prefer to wear jeans a little looser.

Wide Leg

Limited Quantities Available.


Tech Jean

A technical fabric that looks like a jean but gives you incredible flexibility. It gives when you give. It is quick drying. It is perfect for the active ones out there.

Slim Tapered

GivR Tech Jean


Slim Tapered

Ankle Reflective Low Lighter


Slim Tapered

Full Reflective Low Lighter


Slim Tapered

Roll Up Reflective Low Lighter


Short Run

Limited Editon Vintage Natural Indigo Short Run. 100 Only.

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