Do One Thing Well. Winter 2016.


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Some products, some services, some experiences are just right. It’s hard to know how to make them simpler, more beautiful or more useful. They bring together innovation, tradition, and a little design, to make something that is just right.

This list was put together by Hiut Denim Co. to celebrate those who decide to ‘Do One Thing Well’, which it turns out is a pretty hard thing to achieve. It takes us 75 different processes to make a pair of our jeans. And we only have to be world class at 75 of them.

From choosing the finest Japanese selvedge denim to perfecting the cut to signing each hand crafted pair. Yup, if you want to do one thing well, the only thing that matters is everything.


Posted on December 06, 2016

There is never a right time to start.

There’s a point on a runway during take off that a plane reaches V1 speed. Once it passes V1, it has reached the point of no return. The point where take off cannot be aborted. It has to take off. Or crash. In order to determine its V1 speed every plane will factor in its weight, wind-speed, weather conditions, slope, length of runway etc. So although there’s not a physical line drawn on each runway, it’s there.

But when it comes to starting business, there’s no calculation to tell us when the right time is. No marker on a runway for us.

So what happens? We defer. We put barriers up to justify not starting. ‘The economy isn’t great’. ‘I’ve got a big mortgage’. ‘I need more experience’. But as you put those barriers up, only you can tear them down.

Indeed, there will never be a right time to start. Once you understand that, you can begin.


Excerpt from the Time chapter of my book - Out next year.

Do Purpose -Why brands with a purpose do better and matter more.

Posted on December 06, 2013

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Wanted: Intern.

Next year, we are going to build a global denim company and as we do, we are going to get our town making jeans again. Some context: Our marketing budget is small. It is the same size as our coffee budget. I am not kidding.  But that isn’t a problem these days. There’s this thing called the Internet. And there’s this other thing called ideas. The more we think, the less we have to spend. It is a good correlation.  So next year is a time to make films that make you feel something for The Hiut Denim Co. And we will make a good few of them.  So that’s why we want you to come and join us. It will be paid. And the learning curve will be steep, but the learning curve will be a bunch of fun.  I guess we are looking for someone who loves film, editing, graphics, has a good eye for design. And can work with a small team to go and grow this company.   It is an amazing opportunity.  If we get this thing right, you will be able to work for any company in the world.  But then again, why would you want to leave. Email a link of a film you have down that you are happy with to:

Posted on December 04, 2013

Guest author: Luke Sital-Singh

We are huge fans of Luke Sital-Singh here at Hiut. Here's a nice little piece he's written for us:

HIUT Denim are such a unique company they make you wish they weren't. Their uncompromisingly passionate obsession with quality, craft, longevity, creativity, simplicity, detail, the future, the ancient, the slow, the small, the local, and above all great jeans - makes you wish there were more companies like them.  

Honestly they make the best jeans out there. I bought two pairs and they very kindly sent me a third. 

The company story is as compelling as the denim, one read and you'll be sold. I've also been enjoying the historytag idea, whereby I can journal everything I'm up to. You can view my tags here 

Until now i've never been that interested in clothes but now I want everything I wear to be as good as my jeans. Which is damn near impossible

I swear these jeans make me write better songs.

Watch Luke's new video here. It's on repeat here at the factory.

This is not a garage. This is the future.

This is a place to start things, not hoard things.

Let that coffee machine go and make bad coffee for someone else.

Let that running machine gather someone else’s dust.

All those things that you were given and never loved, say your goodbyes to them.

Let EBay do its thing. Just don’t set a reserve price. This isn’t a time to haggle.

This is your space to start something.

It doesn’t need heating.

It just needs your ideas.

It won’t judge them.

It won’t snigger at them like a cynic would.

It will be patient. The rent is cheap.

Just turn up.

And keep turning up.

The world will soon be glad you did.

Posted on October 23, 2013

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