The way forward.


If we listened to reason, if we listened to common sense, if we listened to economics, then we wouldn’t try to get our town making jeans again. But then in the battle of David versus Goliath, Goliath would always win. And that frankly, would suck. So we just need to figure out a way to get this to work. Its good to fight Goliath with a club.

Workshop Wisdom

Workshop Wisdom

The things we make, the things we think-up, we do them from a special place. We spend a lot of time in this place. We get to learn a lot here.

This blog is here to share some of that wisdom about life and work that we learn from hour after hour, year after year, spent toiling away in our humble workshops.

Scrapbook Chronicles

Scrapbook Chronicles Archive

A lot of work goes into finding great stuff to share. And every two weeks we send it out as The Scrapbook Chronicles. Rather than that just disappear, we thought we would turn it into an archive for inspiring stuff. So you can search, share and scrapbook stuff for yourself.

No Wash Club

The No Wash Club

The No Wash Club is a small elite club. It is only for those who go 6 months without washing their jeans. In the next week this will become a Tumblr blog to document the lengths we all go to in order to create a great looking jean.

Denim Breaker Club

Denim Breaker Club

We can’t wash jeans. But lots of our customers want jeans that look washed. So this is the solution we have come up with. It is very much an experiment, so we don’t know if it will work. But if we are to get our town to make jeans again, we have to try new stuff.