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What is Organic?

Buy Less. Buy Better.

How you start defines you.
It tells the world why you are here.
You have laid down your marker.
This is us.
This is our way.

Hiut Denim Co. EST. 2012

In 2012 we launched our organic jean.

It had taken us over a year to develop and perfect. Everything had to be right.

We visited mills. 

We didn’t want to pick denim for a season but for a decade. Or two. Or three.

It was strong, but not too heavy.

We found an unwashed 12oz organic denim. It would last. It was love.

Once you dig a bit deeper into how cotton is grown, you quickly realise you can do one of two things:

1. Turn a blind eye.

2. Use organic cotton.

And yes, it costs more in financial terms.

Organic cotton costs more.

No way around it.

But the soil erosion is less.

The global warming potential is less.

Bluewater consumption is less.

Primary energy use is less


And oh, you are not wearing a bunch of chemicals next to your skin.

The GrandMaster's hands can even tell the difference.

100% organic cotton.

The ugly truth about cotton is it takes a lot of water to cultivate.

And most conventional farmers use lots of insecticides and pesticides.

That's because it is a difficult crop to cultivate.

The cotton crop takes 2.4% of the world’s cultivated land but uses 6% of the world’s pesticides.

It takes 16% of the world’s insecticides.

That is more than any other crop.

Buy Less. Buy Better.

We live on a planet with limited resources but a seemingly unlimited appetite for consuming more and more. 

Our best answer as a company is to make things that last.

Lowest Impact.

Our quest is to find the lowest impact way of making things. But let's not kid anyone; we can do more. Right now, around 75% of our denim is organic cotton. Yup, we can do better.

The Cost of Cheap Cotton.

When we decided to use organic denim, we knew it would mean our jeans would sell at a premium. Our quest is to be the lowest impact we can, not the cheapest we can.

Make Them Yours.

Now is the perfect time to dedicate to making your jeans truly your own.

Live in them.

Work all day in them.

Play with the kids in them.

Take a walk in them.

Climb the stairs in them.

Heck you could even sleep in them so they'll shape to your body. 

Everything you do in them will be reflected in the way they fade.

Don't be precious.

Don't stand still.

You don't want to be left with a plain pair of jeans.

Leave your mark.

Make them yours.