The Girlfriend Jean

Lower in the rise, sitting just above the ankle. The 11.oz denim makes it a great summer weight. Not too heavy. Not too light. It has quickly become the most sought after cut of the year.


Girlfriend Cut



The Stelsby is the result of 18 months spent perfecting our new Skinny cut. Our first stretch denim using Isko’s super innovative ‘Reform’ denim. Looks good. Feels good.

High Waist

We've tweaked our women's skinny fit jean to add three centimetres to the rise, making these the perfect fit if you have a curvy shape and find our classic Stelsby a little too boyish.

Ultimate Black

The Ultimate Black Jean does remarkable things. It stays black for longer. It stretches in 4 ways with patented reform technology so the denim stretches but doesn't grow. And, it does all this and still looks like an understated classic black jean. 

Women's Tech Jean

A tech fabric that looks like a jean but gives you incredible flexibility. It's so comfortable it's a little crazy. It is perfect for the more active ones out there. And looks great too.

One Dip

One Dip Denim

The one dip denim makes it a great look for the summer. And the light weight denim makes it super comfortable to wear.

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