Factory Shop Open

Throughout the summer of 2022 we are OPEN.

Every Wednesday 11am BST.
An insight on what goes on in our factory.
You'll be walked through the making of a pair of Hiut jeans.
From the cutting of the denim, all the way through to when the Grandmasters sign the jeans.
There'll also be an opportunity for you to try on some Hiut jeans.

Please get in touch with hi@hiutdenim.co.uk to book in a slot for the tour.
Every Monday - Saturday 11am - 3pm BST
Your chance to find your favourite Hiut fit. And maybe some special factory finds.
Where to find us?
We're located in Cardigan, West Wales.
The building reads 'How can we be lower impact today than we were yesterday?'.

A reminder for us every day to strive to do better.
Address below : 
Hiut Denim Co, The Old Jeans Factory, Bath-House Rd, Cardigan SA43 1JY.
If you have any problems, just give us a call or drop us an email :
+44 (0) 1239 612469