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Sometimes it’s good to let others do the talking…

Your new favourite pair of jeans come from a tiny, rural town in Wales. Worn by everyone from the Arctic Monkeys to world-famous chef René Redzeppi.


Hiut Denim has a three-month waiting list after Meghan Markle
wears its jeans.

Harper’s Bazaar

(One of…) The best sustainable men’s clothing brands for 2021.

The Independent

How a Welsh jeans firm became a cult global brand.


Our Boilerplate

Hiut Denim Co.

Hiut Denim Co. is a story of a town that used to make jeans and stopped after 40 years of sewing. Then one day the founders said screw it, let’s do it again. And here we are: A maker town once more.

Our Founders

Clare and David Hieatt are the founders of Hiut Denim.

In 2012 Clare and David Hieatt, started Hiut Denim in their home town of Cardigan in west Wales in a bid to ‘get the town making jeans again’. Cardigan was once home to one of Britain’s biggest jeans factories, but 15 years ago, the factory closed its doors and moved production to Morocco. 400 people (10 percent of the population of the town) were left without jobs but now Hiut Denim has reemployed some of the original highly skilled makers and started producing jeans again. This time round, thanks to the internet and being able to sell direct to the customer, the company is proving that it is viable to manufacture clothing in the UK. Hiut Denim makes high quality, timeless designed jeans. It works with some of the world’s best mills to source durable and low impact fabrics that will last. It currently employs 27 people and the mission is to make the best jeans they can, not the most jeans they can.