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Any questions?

About the Brand.

We make in our town in Cardigan, West Wales. Our town used to have Britain’s biggest jeans factory. It made 35,000 pairs every week for nearly 40 years. Then one day it closed. We are trying to get our town making jeans again.

Our town is called Cardigan. We are on the far western edge of Wales. The interesting stuff always happens on the edges.

The Hiut Denim Co was started by David and Clare Hieatt. Clare runs the business side and David runs the marketing and sales side.

Oh boy, you need to come visit. Wales is a small clever country on the western side of Britain. It’s a beautiful place to live, work and play. Cymru am byth!

We started The Hiut Denim Company from what we call the chicken shed at the bottom of our garden. Opposite the chicken shed is an old barn. A set of barn owls have been nesting in the barn for the last 14 years that we know of, but it could be more. Each year they come back to raise their young. And I guess they are a part of the family. So we thought maybe it was a good idea to have a logo that said something about the farm we live on.

The Hiut owl logo was designed by Joby Barnard. The brief was for it to in some way to come from the farm. And to keep it simple enough to go on a rivet. Joby went away to have a think. The reason I like Joby is that he’s a thinker who just happens to design. He emailed me to say he had something. Then left me waiting for another day. Of course, when it came through I loved it.

Yes, we started howies in 1995. We sold it in 2006. We left shortly after. We have no involvement or any shareholding in the business as it stands today. It’s the past, and you can’t look back. The future is too exciting to be dwelling on the past.

If you would like pictures/updates/press photos etc. on what is happening at Hiut Denim Co., please email

Sizing + Product.

If you are consistently the same size across brands, order the same from us. You can find a more detailed sizing chart for each jean below the product image and description on the product page. Also, check out our fit advice on the product page to see whether you should size up or down depending on the style of jean.

To make sure you’re measuring your jeans the right way, take a look at our comprehensive measuring guide here.

If you can’t decide between a couple of sizes, you can order multiple pairs to try on and return the jeans you do not want to keep.

Waist: 24” - 36”
Leg: 28” - 38”.

Waist: 28” - 42”
Leg: 28” - 38”

Not yet. But we offer a large size range and we can tailor the leg length of your jeans. We can’t alter any other part of the jean as it would require altering the whole jean pattern. If you’d like a leg length that is not available online, call or email us after you’ve ordered your jeans to alter your order.

Yes. Some fabrics can make the fit a little looser or a little tighter. If there is a difference, we give this advice under The Fit section on the product page.

Yes. We do offer a vegan patch for your jeans if you contact customer service at after you have made your order they will make a note on your order. 

Orders + Shipping.

Your jeans will be Made to Order so payment is taken when ordered.

We use Royal Mail to ship within the UK.
For overseas orders you can choose Courier Express service which should take 1-4 working days or Standard Delivery which should take up to 14 days.

We have a limited number of stockists around the UK.

These are shops that Do One Thing Well.

They have a great story and they help us tell ours. 


Rivet & Hide

Manchester and London  

MIMMO studios


North Clothing



If your jeans are unworn and the labels are still attached - yes, you can. We are keen to make this easy as we can for you. To return the jeans just package them back up and from within the UK you can use the 48 hour tracked return stick that's included with your paperwork to get them back to us, please use this at a post office and make sure you obtain proof of postage.

If you are returning jeans from overseas, you can either pick a courier of your choice or we can create a return for you, the cost of which will be subtracted from your refund. We do not issue exchanges for overseas orders.

We make every effort to keep our prices reasonable for premium hand-crafted jeans, and in comparison to others we are not the most expensive. Certainly you can pay much less for jeans. But our jeans are made by men and women who have been making jeans pretty much all their working lives. They are made in Wales. And we only use the best denim from the best mills in the world. The good thing when you make something that lasts, over time an expensive purchase will become great value for money. We believe these are fair prices for our customers to pay given the quality of materials and the craftsmanship that goes into making each pair. We don’t charge for the love. That comes for free.

We believe in quality and we believe a quality product should stand the test of time. So we stand by our products. Come what may. So if you are not satisfied with one of our products at the time you receive it, please return it unworn within 90 days and we will exchange it or refund you, depending on what you want.If one of our products is faulty, we will replace it or refund you. Damage due to wear and tear will be repaired free of charge. So your favourites keep going.

Washing + Alterations.

There is much to say about washing. We have detailed instructions about washing over on our Washing Instructions page.

We can alter the length of your jean for you at any point if you find they are too long, please make sure you are leaving length for the initial shrinkage that may occur during the breaking in period and first rinse. We can only shorten the leg length by 2 inches, anything more it will affect the fit of the jean. We cannot alter any other part of the jean.