How to measure like a grandmaster

  • 1, Waist

    Lay your jeans flat and measure straight across the back waist band.

  • 2, Leg Length

    Start messing from the over lapping seams in the crutch and then straight down the leg.

  • 3, Front Rise

    Measure from the stitching at the crutch up to the front of the waist band.

  • 4, Hips

    Measure 18cm down from the waist band along the leg outset. Then measure down to 2/3 of the file and up to the other side of the leg.

  • 5, Thigh

    Measure from the crutch and straight across to the other side.

  • 6, Knee

    Start from the crutch and measure 50cm down. Then measure straight across.

  • 7, Hem

    With the leg flap measure from one side to the other.