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Fear of Average.


Average goes by many names:
1.   It will do.
2.   Don’t worry, they won¹t notice.
3.   It’s good enough.
4.   It’s how we always do it.
5.   And the catch-all - OK.
No matter what people call it, know this: Average is a decision not to be good.
And someone had to make that decision.
There is no board meeting.
No one votes for it.
No all staff Memo.
Here’s why I think that:
Because a decision isn’t always what you say yes to, but what you say silently no to.
When you decide to stop innovating, that is a decision.
When you allow a poor culture, that is a decision.
When you stop trying to be great, that is a decision.
In some respects, being average is easier.
No one will hate on you.
You don’t have to push yourself.
Comfort zones rarely work late.
But when you think about it, at a certain point, a human has to say to themselves, I AM NO LONGER GOING TO TRY.
I am OK with not reaching my true potential.
I am settling for this.
That must be one of the toughest conversations you can have with yourself.
If you fear average, you will never have it.