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This is a true first for us.

Up until now we have only ever used sanforsied denim to make our core range selvedge jeans.

Geeky to know.

Sanforisation is a process that happens in the mill. It’s a way of pre-shrinking the denim so that when it is made into a pair of jeans, they will stay true-to-size after their first wash.

It takes away that element of risk when you introduce your jeans to the washing machine for the first time.

And it works.

The OG of OG's.

For the purists out there, unsanforised denim is a risk worth taking.

They prefer their denim to be ‘loomstate’, which basically means that it hasn’t been altered after it has been woven.

That’s because they know something that a lot of people don’t.

You see the sanforisation process basically uses pressure, heat and moisture to repeatedly shrink and stretch the fabric.

It reduces the fabrics shrinkage, but it can also leave the denim looking a little flat, reducing its character and texture.

Not everyone would notice the difference, but for some it’s a step too far.

Reducing the risk

We know this denim will shrink.

But how much will depend on the way you introduce it to water.

The usual method is to ‘pre-shrink’ your jeans before you wear them.

And there are many different ways of doing it.

Some people go as far as getting in the bath with them on, but you can just immerse them in a bath or tub of water.

Our advice is to order 1 waist size up from your normal size and two inches longer to your normal length.

Try them on and see how they fit.

If you feel they need minimum shrinkage, try soaking them in cooler water. But go a little hotter if you feel they need more.

It is best to let them soak for at least 30 minutes, making sure that all the fabric is submerged under the water.

Next step, flatten them out and hang them up to dry.

When they are dry, try them on and if they are still too big, go again, this time with the water a little hotter.

If you feel that they are still too long after you have been through the process, get in touch because we can always shorten them for you.

The Mill.

This denim is from the Yoshiwa Mill in Japan.

Their aim is to ‘create products with enriched expressiveness and detailed design’.

And they have achieved this with a characterful denim with a rough, textured hand feel and a subtle pink selvedge line.

It’s a 14.5oz denim (the heaviest we can sew) and its rugged texture will age beautifully over time.

We know these jeans are not for everyone, but we also know that some of you will be excited to add these to your collection.

Best from the West,


Details Matter. Always.

Black Selvedge Denim.

100% cotton.


Pink line selvedge.

By Yoshiwa Mills Japan.

Mens fits : Work@, Hack@, SlimR, V-fit

Shipping in November.

Only 15 available.