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MAY SLOTS SOLD OUT. June time slots are now available.

Makers + Mavericks 2024.

Hackathon for founders to rethink their business in order to bring back the fun.

Where? When? Why?

Founders help founders:

  - Push each other to think different.
  - Inspire each other.

All held in Cardigan. West Wales. On our Farm. Where we hold The DO Lectures.

4th May 2024. It's a Saturday. You could make a weekend of it. The weather here will still be beautiful (touch wood) but there will be fewer people around, so you will have the beaches to explore to yourselves.

Start : 10am.
Finish : 10 pm-ish.

Important to know.

There is no accommodation included. But, you are welcome to camp in our fields. There are great showers etc.

We can also help you find great local accommodation.The sea is still cold. But should be warmer by May.

What does the day look like?

Letting go of business as usual.

1. Learn the brave art of being different. 
2. Write your manifesto. 
3. Pitch. Ditch. Hitch.

The fear you feel as you read this will become excitement and wonder as you find a new way to think about your business.

The bravest thing is just turning up.

Your mentors for the day.

- David Hieatt.
- Mike Coulter.
- Claire Perry-Louise.
- Tom Coleman.
- Emrys Plant.

Their job on the day is to keep things moving fast.

Time on task.

This will accelerate the innovation throughout the day. You will work in small swarms of founders. You will go through several rounds of ideas. Of manifestos. Of pitches. 

By time you arrive at dinner you will have reinvented your business many times. More than you will have in the previous decade. 

The noise in the cowshed will tell you everything.

Factory visit and Keynote Mentors.

If you are still around on the Sunday, we will give you a tour of the factory. (We will put on a little something for breakfast, too.)

We are changing it up. No speakers just Keynotes and Mentors.

David Hieatt
-Co-founder of Hiut Denim and the Do Lectures, on a mission to support fellow founders in finding their purpose and expressing it through words to help build their brand.
-David will aim to get you to rethink your business:“Different beats better.”
-The keynote will explain how this works. The workshop will get you to completely look at your business in a whole new way.

Mike Coulter
-An award-winning advertising copywriter, an early adopter and advocate of social media, and a certified Tiny Habits Coach.
-Mike will bring all his talents together to help you create a manifesto that redefines your mission and sets you on the right track.
-“The biggest gift you can give your business is clarity.”
-The keynote will give you all the ingredients for a powerful manifesto for your business and life.
-The workshop will be where you write one with the help of your fellow attendees.

Claire Perry-Louise
-An experienced ‘Community Architect’ and people and culture specialist who helped Daniel Priestly build an amazing community.
-Claire will help you identify your tribe and guide you on building a community to nurture and grow it.
-The keynote will get you to rethink community and how it will help you grow your business in a different more meaningful way.
-The workshop will be where your fellow attendees help you put a community plan together. 

Tom Coleman
-Young, maverick advertising Creative Director currently working in one of London’s top ad agencies.
-Tom will help you think outside the box and discover there are no limits to creativity. What’s the biggest, craziest idea that could help your brand become famous? The keynote will get you to rethink how you get attention. And build your brand without having a big budget.
-The workshop will be you working with your fellow attendees to have your craziest ideas ever, that just might change everything.

Emrys Plant
-Poet and Creative Lead @ ODD family Stiwdio, with 20 years of experience in creative practices rooted in the poetry of telling stories.
-Emrys will help you get to the meaning of things, with quick thinking and distillation of thoughts. The keynote will talk about a poet’s take on brand communication.
-The workshop will be help you bring emotion, feeling and humour back in to the way you talk about your brand.


"Incredible event, really inspiring and so varied in the subject matter. It's an event where you can easily attend on your own or as a group, the people you meet are all fantastic. Right from the arrival the team look after you and make you feel super welcome. Would definitely attend again and do more events."

2023 Attendee

"There is something magical that happens when you visit. Your soul is uplifted, your battery recharged and your sense of what could be, reset."

2023 Attendee

"I thought M&M would be good for me, but I was wrong it was inspirational. Perfect combo of insightful speakers, inquisitive audience and attentive hosts. Who would of though you could condense some much wisdom and optimism into a barn somewhere deep in west Wales."

2023 Attendee

"Being at this event run by a great team, and being self employed can be a lonely place at times, I felt part of something really special a community of good doing things very differently Thank you."

2023 Attendee

"I came away with my heart full of inspiring stories and thoughts which I'll be pondering and putting into action. It felt like a bit of an update on 'what I need to know' now. I've made new friends and feel part of something quite special."

2023 Attendee

We hope to see you there.