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Banana Selvedge. Only 60 available.


It’s back.

A rare selvedge made from 30% bananas.

Yup, I know what you're thinking: Did he just say bananas?

Adopt a different worldview.

Look for answers in odd places.

Even if that means looking under a banana tree.

For this denim, Nihon Menpu has added a twist on the classic selvedge.

You guessed it. A yellow-line selvedge.

There is only enough fabric to make 60 pairs of these jeans.

So, if you'd like one, best be quick, last time everyone went bananas for it.

Banana is as soft as silk.

You might think that the usage of banana fibres is a new invention.

I did too.

But nope, not so.

Banana fibres have been used in the clothing industry in Japan since the 13th century.

The soft and supple fibres have been used in the making of kimonos for over 800 years.

A highly prized material, it is considered a sustainable alternative to silk.

One of the World's strongest fibres.

Who knew?

Made from the stem of the banana plant, the fibres make one of the strongest and most durable fabrics in the world.

It is so strong that it is used in the production of the paper that makes up Japanese Yen and has been used in rope making for centuries.

100% biodegradable.

After the plant is harvested, the fibres are made into a paper which is then spun into yarn.

The yarn is woven and the fibres produced are used in the manufacturing of the fabric.

At the end of their life cycle they are able to go back into the ground and are 100% biodegradable. 

Too good to waste. 

Bananas are grown in over 120 countries around the world and the plants produce a staggering 1 billion tonnes of waste every year.

The fibres are made from the stem of the plant, which would otherwise be wasted, as banana trees only give fruit once per cycle and are then destroyed.

Every day as I pull in to the factory, I look at the question on the side of the building; 'How can we be lower impact today than we were yesterday?'

This denim is one small step towards that goal. Using fibres that have incredible properties, which would otherwise get burnt, feels like a baby step in the right direction.

Details matter always.

Indigo Selvedge.
By the mavericks, Nihon Menpu.
70% cotton 30% banana fibres.
Yellow line selvedge.
Mens fits : Work@ Regular, Hack@ Slim, SlimR, V-fit, Anderson.
Womens fits : Aurelia and Peggy.
Shipping in November.
As always, Made in Wales.