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Brisbane Moss Corduroy Launch.



Today is launch day.


As summer leaves, our cords arrive.

Timing, as they say, is everything.


Last autumn we launched this fabric for the first time ever.

They sold out straight away.

And, ever since, we have been asked when the next launch is.


Today we will be officially launching two new colours.

A few weeks ago we launched the Red Dot pre-order. And they sold fast.

Which means we have limited numbers for the main launch.

We will only be making 200 pairs of these.

As I write, we only have enough left to make 84.

30 Sand. 54 Dark Olive.

The chances are demand will exceed supply, so it will be first come, first cordially served.


The Corduroy.

There is only one place to go if you are looking for the best quality cord there is.

That’s the British company Brisbane Moss.

They were the original makers of high-quality corduroy fabric since they first started production in 1858.

They know corduroy.

It is their ‘Do One Thing Well.’

And we think the fabric we have selected is the perfect corduroy.

Super soft. Easy to wear. And it stays looking good. (It also has a little bit of stretch).

The Dark Olive we chose is a deep, rich tone while the Sand is light and soft. 

You won't want to miss out this time.


Geeky to know.

Corduroy is a woven cloth traditionally having a high ratio of weft threads to warp threads.

Thus giving the appearance of a smooth weft faced fabric, usually thick and strong, and mostly made of cotton.

For corduroy the smooth face of the fabric is interrupted by equally spaced ribs, or races, running the length of the piece.

Prior to dyeing these are cut on specialised machines to form ribs of raised pile, they are known as wales which differentiate the character of each corduroy product.


What are wales?

Wales are the raised ridges which make corduroy, corduroy. These are what differentiate the character of each corduroy.

Traditionally you get a 14 Wale cord. Needlecord has finer ribs of 14 to 18.

Pincord or Babycord has a finer wale again of 18-22 ribs per inch. This looks more like velvet.

We've chosen an 8 wale cord for this launch. A jumbo cord (some call it an elephant cord). It's beautiful.

Key Points

8 Wale Corduroy.

By the mavericks, Brisbane Moss.

97% cotton 3% stretch.


Rinse wash.

Available in Dark Olive or Sand colours.

Mens fits : Work@ Regular & Hack@ Slim.

Womens fits : Eira Crop & Valerie Wide leg.

Shipping in November.


As always, Made in Wales.