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Recycled Un-Dyed Denim. Only 30 available.


When we saw a swatch of this denim, we were very excited.

We had never seen anything quite like it before.

This fabric is made from both undyed yarn and recycled denim.

A double win on the sustainability front.

But also a wining-combination from a style point of view.

We love the way this denim looks and feels.

The natural-coloured ecru yarn is peppered with a hint of blue from the recycled yarn so it looks like your favourite pair of jeans that you have worn and washed a million times.

Without sounding too poetic, the colour reminds me of a sunny autumn morning when the blue sky is just beginning to break through the mist (very unlike today with a storm brewing here).

And because of the recycled content, the denim has a really soft hand feel that will feel better and better with each wear.

I have a feeling this limited-edition short run is one that will be requested for years to come.

The Mill.

This denim comes from the Kurabo Denim Mill in Japan.

Founded over 110 years ago, it is one of the oldest mills in the world.

Kurabo are big believers in the Japanese practice of ‘Mottainai’.

The word Mottainai litteraly means ‘what a waste’ and it has become the foundation of an entire movement that focuses on reducing, reusing and recycling to protect the world’s resources.

For Kurabo, the practice of Mottainai means they have started to create re-cycled denim in their own factory.

They collect the denim waste from their own mill and from their partners mills and then they re-spin the wastage to make new brand new yarn.

The end result is something pretty special.

Details matter always.

Recycled Undyed denim.

By the mavericks, Kurabo Denim Mill.

100% cotton (15% recycled).


Mens fits : Work@ Regular, Hack@ Slim, SlimR and V-Fit.

Womens Fit : Eira.

Shipping November 2023.


As Always, Made in Wales.