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Story of the Backpatch - Kuroki Grey Selvedge

*To the tune of Sing A Rainbow*
Grey and Grey and Grey and Grey,
Grey and Grey and Grey.
I can sing a woodlouse,
Sing a woodlouse,
Sing a woodlouse too.
– Bill Bailey
With seven pairs of legs and over 250 crazy names...
The Woodlouse, along with other members of the Armadillidae family, is able to roll up into a ball as a defensive mechanism.
Imagine that, at the first sign of danger, you can just up and roll away.
People call them:
• Roly Polys
• Billy Bakers
• Bibble Bugs
• Chisel Hogs
• Penny Sows
• Chiggy Wigs
• Chuggy Pigs
• Monkey Peas
• Palmer Worms
• Johnny Grumps
In Welsh, they're Mochyn Coed.
In the South Wales Valleys – Granny Greys.
What do you call them?