100 days of 1% Better - Day 1 The Idea

Jun 1, 2020

Let’s begin.

Here’s the question this Yearbook asks.

How can I get better today than I was yesterday?

Most people ignore the small things they can do because they don’t offer a big or fast enough result.

Instead, they seek to attempt to hit the ball out of the park. Take the big swing. Go for glory.

Big wins are rare.

Small wins are common.

They happen every day.

Yup, the power of the incremental gain overtime provides a much better result.

The compounding effect of trying to get better by 1% a day is enormous.

Compounded it is 3,800% per year.

That’s 40 times better than where you started in just one year.

Over the next 100 days, we will document our small wins.

And then put them all in our yearbook.

We hope it becomes a manifesto for the small win.

If it does, that will be a big win.

So, here goes

(You can pre-order Year book 5 here.) 

If you like ideas, it will inspire you.