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Colab Store

Over the next five years, the World of retail is going to change. Soon there'll be a new retail force created by individuals who have huge influence on Instagram.

They will create another distribution model. For now we will call this 'The Selfie Model'. And it's the best Instagrammers that will be the ones that change it.

Our plan is do 80 Co-Labs with 80 most creative Instagrammers on the planet. And together, we will get our town making jeans again. They will design a jean. Have their own unique label and pocket. It will be the closest thing to starting their own jeans brand as you can get, without having to start a factory.

The Instagrammers who take part in the Co-Lab will be part of history. They will change the landscape of retail. They will help to change the fortunes of a small town that has fallen on hard times. They will start the next iconic brand.

Here goes nothing.