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A Year at Hiut.

Behind the scenes on what’s been happening at the Hiut Denim Co. Factory over this past year. Watch below or on our You Tube channel.

T.W.A.H #52One whole-year. Done.
T.W.A.H #51Summer has arrived. Post-work Dips.
T.W.A.H #50Questions for Rob and a Fade-way to upstairs.
T.W.A.H #49Shorts, Sunshine and Shoots.
T.W.A.H #48Wash Tests, Factory Tours and Looking Spicy.
T.W.A.H #47Episode Forty Ffffseven. Furniture moving and Feng Shui.
T.W.A.H #46New Denim Rolls, Holidays and Cowboy Hats.
T.W.A.H #45Makers + Mavericks, Shelf-stacking and Packing.
T.W.A.H #44Moving Boxes, Photoshoots and Jacquard Fabric.
T.W.A.H #43Getting Ready, Farm Tour and Flowers or Vegetables.

Watch T.W.A.H #1 – #42 over on our YouTube channel…