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Makers + Mavericks Off-Grid 2024

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Let’s assume the economy isn’t coming to save your business anytime soon.

  - Think of your business in a new way.
  - Find a new reason to exist, a new customer.
  - Get the confidence and the fun back.

The last couple of years have been a test for every founder.

I think of it as a gobstopper, not with different layers of colour, but of pain.

We must replace this struggle fest with brave new different thinking.

This is why this years Makers + Mavericks will be a Hackathon.

  - It will be messy.
  - It will be awkward.
  - Reinvention is these and more.

But it will get you to rethink your business in a way you have never done.

The Hackathon will be designed around You. And Your business.

The mission: Get the FUN back. 

  - There will be no talks. 
  - No learning. 
  - No wisdom to share.


All of that will be sent to you BEFORE for you to watch the keynotes in your own time. 

(This works. We learned at last year’s M+M that flipped learning is gold.)

But this year, we take the next big step into the unknown.


  - You will need a pen. 
  - You will need some post it notes. 
  - We supply the wall.

Letting go of business as usual.

  - You will team up with other founders. 
  - They want rethink, too. 
  - They work on your business.
  - You work on theirs.

Remember, you will be in a safe space. 

This is how the day will look.

  1. Learn the brave art of being different.
  2. Write your manifesto.
  3. Pitch. Ditch. Hitch.

The fear you feel as you read this will become excitement and wonder as you find a new way to think about your business. 

The bravest thing is just turning up.

Your mentors for the day.

  - Founders.
  - Comedians.
  - Writers.
  - Creators.
  - Improvisers. 

Their job on the day is to keep things moving fast.

Time on task.

This will accelerate the innovation throughout the day. You will work in small swarms of founders. You will go through several rounds of ideas. Of manifestos. Of pitches. 

By time you arrive at dinner you will have reinvented your business many times. More than you will have in the previous decade. 

The noise in the cowshed will tell you everything.

Then relax.

At dinner, we will come together. We will share food and wine. We will sing and dance.

We will all think differently to how we did when we arrived. 

You will talk about this day for years to come. 

For whom?

Creative Entrepreneurs.


Bring the fun back.

Key Question.

How can I reinvent my business?

The outcome.

Excitement for the future of your business.

Is this for me?

If you are a creative entrepreneur that wants to rethink and reinvent your business.

Who wants the fun to come back, this is for you.

“People who want to change the world need to hang out with people who want to change the world.”


West Wales. On our Farm. Where we hold The Do Lectures.


May 4th. It's a Saturday. You could make a weekend of it (it's a bank holiday). The weather here could be beautiful (fingers crossed).


Founders help founders:

  - Push each other to think different.
  - Inspire each other.

What will be the day look like?

No Talks.

Breakout sessions from the start.

Factory Visit.
If you are still around on the Sunday, we will show you around the factory. (We will get the coffee going too.)


£400.00 (Early bird price £350.00)

Available for the next 48 hours.

What does it include?

This covers all food including lunch and an evening supper.

There is no accommodation included. But, you are welcome to camp in our fields on the Friday and Saturday night. There are great showers etc.

We can also help you find great local accommodation.

The sea is still cold. But should be warmer by May.

Keynote/Mentor list.

When we announce the speaker list, and it’s not for you, no sweat. You will be given 48 hours to let us know and we will give you a full refund.

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