There is never a right time to start.

There’s a point on a runway during take off that a plane reaches V1 speed. Once it passes V1, it has reached the point of no return. The point where take off cannot be aborted. It has to take off. Or crash. In order to determine its V1 speed every plane will factor in its weight, wind-speed, weather conditions, slope, length of runway etc. So although there’s not a physical line drawn on each runway, it’s there.

But when it comes to starting business, there’s no calculation to tell us when the right time is. No marker on a runway for us.

So what happens? We defer. We put barriers up to justify not starting. ‘The economy isn’t great’. ‘I’ve got a big mortgage’. ‘I need more experience’. But as you put those barriers up, only you can tear them down.

Indeed, there will never be a right time to start. Once you understand that, you can begin.


Excerpt from the Time chapter of my book - Out next year.

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Posted on December 06, 2013

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